Biševo excursions trips

Whole day trips to Biševo

Sighting Blue Cave and visiting Porat beach

The excursions start from Komiža port about 10'00, with our speed boats it takes 15-20 minutes from Komiža to Biševo. We stop in Mezoporat bay and buy tickets for you for the Blue Cave. You go on a smaller boat (Nautički Centar Komiža) to visit the Blue Cave.

After visiting Blue Cave, you will be back on our speed boat and we sail to the Porat beach where we stay the rest of the day, enjoy in crystal, clean sea and sandy beach. You can taste traditional Dalmatian food. We start back to Komiža about 5 pm (start from Porat beach), all according to the agreement.

In case of bad weather the entrance to the Blue cave is closed, generally, we know that news before living from Komiža port.

during the morning about 10 am

in the afternoom about 5 pm

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