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Bays and caves of island Vis

Blue cave

The Blue Cave

is located in the Balun Cove, on the eastern side of the island Biševo.  It was revealed to the world in 1884 when Baron Eugen Rensonneta expanded its entrance. Through this new, deepened entrance of 1.5m in height and 2.5m in width, the cave can be entered only by small boats through a long sea passage. The Cave is 24m long and 12m wide. The depth of the sea in the Cave is 16m. The Cave is divided in two parts by an underwater bridge at the depth of 6 meters. The original  name is associated with the reflection of sunrays coming through the underwater opening on the southern side of the Cave illuminating it with the blue color and giving the objects in the water a blue-greyish color.

Medvidina cave

Medvidina cave (monk seal)

is located on the south side of the island Biševo, and protected since 1967.The entrance to the sea surface is relatively large  and exceeds 20 m, and the width is 14 m. Gradually it narrows and decreases towards the interior.  The bottom of the cave is very narrow and low and its overall length is 160. m.In addition to these geomorphological characteristics it is also significant as a former residence of one of the most endangered mammals in the world - the Mediterranean monk seal, a very rare species of seals. As it is quite a rare species it is protected by the law. After this mammal the cave is named-Medvidina špilja

Green cave Ravnik

Green cave

The green cave is located on the southwest coast of the uninhabited Ravnik island, about 500 meters in front of the Rukavac bay, on the south side of the island of Vis. It is an abrasive cave with two entrances and an opening at the top through which light enters and reflecting from the sea bottom colores the walls in green.

Stiniva bay

Stiniva bay

Stiniva has been voted the best beach in Europe in 2016, by a popular European travel portal.  It's especially fascinating when you first enter this hidden bay, with its the dramatic enclosure of massive limestone cliffs. Stiniva is the perfect place to immerse yourself within natural Croatian beauty. As you swim through the Stiniva gates you find yourself inside the shallow bay with the clear sea at the end of which stands a beautiful pebble beach.  The entire bay is surrounded by massive limestone walls. There are speculations that Stiniva Cove was actually a cave a long time ago but the ceiling of the cave collapsed forming what is now Stiniva Cove.

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