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3 caves trip


We can also organise a whole day trip visiting 3 caves (Blue cave, Medvidina cave and Green cave). We start from Komiža during the morning at about 10 am.

Sailing about 15 minutes from Komiža to Biševo, first we stop  in Mezoporat bay on island Biševo, to visit the Blue cave, after that we visit Medvidina Cave (Mediterranean monk seal, who lived there many years ago) on the same island, the cave is located on the south side of the island Biševo.

Seeing these two caves we sail to Green Cave, on the south side of the island Vis, on a little island Ravnik. It is an abrasive cave with two entrances and an opening at the celling through which light enters and reflects from the sea bottom and colours the wall in green.

In the green Cave, swimming is allowed.

in the morning about 10 am

in the afternoon about 5 pm

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